Spring Menu

Discover a taste of spring with our menu elaborated by our Chef. Fresh products are the main line of our menus, which will please you with their refinement!

The following menus give you an idea about what we serve during this spring... The dishes might slightly change depending on our arrivals.

€29.50 Menu

Duck gizzards and smoked breasts salad, with "mollet" egg, Madiran wine vinaigrette

Salmon and citrus carpaccio

Crispy "boudin" sausage with apples


Duck Breast with maple syrup, potatoes

Homemade cassoulet

Orange flavoured beef cheek with carrots


Platter of Cheeses

Crispy banana flambéed with rum, chocolate cream

Dessert of your choice on the menu

€45 Menu

Fried scallop on its melted leeks and beetroot sauce

Warm duck "Foie Gras" liver, 2 peppers, and candied pear


Monkfish with its safran sauce, preservered tomatoes' risotto

Beef "Tournedos" fillet steak, "à la Bordelaise" & its potatoes


Platter of Cheeses


Dessert of your choice on the menu

The Menu

Cold Starters

Duck gizzards and smoked breasts, "mollet" egg and  Madiran wine vinaigrette dressing

Grilled "boudin" sausage & candied apples

Salmon carpaccio and its citrus

Warm  duck "Foie Gras" liver, grilled toasts & pear chutney

Les Entrées Chaudes

Lamb sweetbreads sautéed in green butter

Lentils cappuccino and its smoked ham espuma

Roasted scallops, chorizo chips & celry cream

Vegetables' Tempura

Duck "Foie Gras" liver scallops sautéed with raisins

Pork feet "Pannequets" with fungi

Shrimp skewer sautéed & flambéed with Cognac, vanilla flavoured boulgour

The Fishes

Sea-bream fillet in its lemon crust, warm vinaigrette dressing and grilled vegetables

Scalllops & monkfish skewer, lemon flavoured butter, quinoa in "chlorophylle"

Sea-bass back cooked on one side, chicory jam and grilled young spinach

Cod steak with curry & Espelette chilli pepper, green cabbage and white butter

The Meats

Duck breast grilled in its own skin, vanilla flavoured cauliflower cream

Sweetbreads with "Morilles" fungi and its steamed potatoes

Stuffed lamb saddle, spicy gravy, white beans, sweet pepper & tomato sauce

Beef "Tournedos" steak fillet, sautéed "Rossini" style, candied & grilles vegetables

Boneless pigeon, reduced Tonka broad bean gravy, crispy vegetables dumplings

Preserved duck cassoulet

Our Home Cooked Desserts

Hot "Grand-Marnier Soufflé"

Catalan style "Crème Brûlée"

Candied pineapple flambéed with rum, lemon balm sauce and lemon sherbet

Orange soup with Grand-Marnier, chocolate ice-cream

Chocolate heart puffy cake, salted butter caramel sauce